Review Mac Software Gets Facelift is now 5 years old and has used the same website design for most of that time. But recent changes to Google’s ranking system where they give better ranking to mobile friendly sites, as well as a bit of a change in the air has led us to a new website design.

300x250The website runs on WordPress so changing the design of the template should be a relatively straightforward thing. Unfortunately, we originally chose a theme that did some special stuff to allow the reviews to look nice and work well. Since then we’ve found a new template by MyThemeShop which gives us the flexibility we need to run a review site as well as providing news and articles. But, the big bonus for this theme is twofold.

  1. It loads quickly with reduced resources required on the browser and fewer resources required on the server
  2. It is responsive… That means it looks great on a Desktop Browser but scales automatically and looks fantastic on a tablet or smartphone.

Added to the template are some plugins which give us the review functionality (including the ability to offer user reviews now) – which are totally separate from the theme itself. So in the future if we decide to change how the site looks the review data will simply be there with no need for manual intervention.

Speaking of manual intervention, we had to manually re-enter all the reviews, news and how-tos because of the non-standard way the previous WordPress template worked. If you find any errors, omissions or something generally wrong, please do leave a comment and let us know.

rms-mobile-user-experience-mythemeshopFinally, if you’re running your own WordPress site and like the way ReviewMacSoftware looks and works, you can get your own MyThemeShop themes by visiting their website at – many of the themes are free and we highly recommend them.

The image to the left is a mashup I’ve taken of Google’s PageSpeed Insight, highlighting the Mobile User Experience score for the front page of ReviewMacSoftware. The previous template gave us around 67/100… The score and look of the site is correct at 11:50 on 18th April 2015 but may change over time as both and Google change.

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