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My wife often takes videos of the kids doing new and amazing things – of course, new and amazing to them, everyone else has probably seen these things many times before in their own kids – but I digress…  A number of these videos have been uploaded to places like YouTube so that family members overseas can see how the grandkids are progressing and this has been fantastic. It was particularly fantastic recently when a hard drive crash meant that we lost all those videos we’d uploaded and the only copies we had were on YouTube. Yes, we should have backed them up – but they can be pretty big.

We have a fairly big family who like to watch videos of the kids and family gatherings at various times of the year, and since they’re our own videos I got a bit fed up with streaming them from YouTube each time a new ‘aunty’ came over and wanted to see the kids dancing to Psy doing the Gangnam Style or when they’re trying to figure out “What Does The Fox Say” for example. So we set about trying to find a way to download the videos from YouTube to our computer. Of course, if you wanted to you could also download Gangnam Style or What Does the Fox Say from the same place – but we don’t recommend that since they’re copyrighted videos.

Download YouTube Videos to Mac

allmytube-mac-f_03That’s where Wondershare AllMyTube comes in. It enables you to download videos from various sites (although the free version only supports YouTube) such as Vimeo, TED, Facebook and more. The application enables this in a number of easy to use ways, the easiest being the addition of a browser plugin which adds a ‘Download’ tab to videos on pages that have videos embedded within them. Alternatively you can copy the URL from the address bar and then switch to AllMyTube and click the Paste URL button. Finally, you can simply drag and drop the address from the browser address bar onto AllMyTube and it will download it. The image to the left shows the Download tab that’s been added to the video.


Wondershare Reputation

cleese-brainSearching on Google for Wondershare shows up some reviews of the company that don’t seem particularly favourable. This seems to revolve around the fact that Wondershare have, in the past, used some reasonably spammy approaches to marketing, including branding the AllMyTube product and company differently depending on how you search for them. For example, iSkySoft is actually Wondershare, and the iSkySoft iTube Studio is in fact just a rebadged version of AllMyTube. Having said that, I had trouble with my videos downloading using iTube Studio whereas AllMyTube worked fine.

It’s also fair to say I’ve never experienced any spamminess from Wondershare – when I contacted them for a review license for AllMyTube they informed me that the free version does everything the paid version does (albeit limited to 3 times only) and that they wouldn’t be sending me a free license even to review it. This is in stark contrast to many of the complaints about them which said they were paying people (with free licenses) to review their product. Personally, I’m not sure that a free review license counts as payment, since it’s often hard to properly review a product without a full license, but maybe that’s just me.

In the interests of science I also downloaded Gangnam Style and What Does The Fox Say to see how well AllMyTube coped with videos that weren’t made by myself and they downloaded just fine.

Video Conversion from YouTube to iPod/iPad

unnamed-8AllMyTube also offers various options for downloading and converting the videos, so that you can optimise the video for TV or iPod/iPad etc. This can be useful if you download documentary type videos for example the TED talks or maybe Kahn Academy videos from YouTube – you can choose the higher quality videos and watch them later locally instead of the video pausing and stuttering when your bandwidth isn’t quite up to the task of the HD streaming.

The application supports all three major Mac browsers (Chrome, Safari and Firefox) with the plugin which automatically adds the download tab, and if your browser isn’t supported you can always fall back to the copy URL and press the Paste URL button in the app itself.

The developers seem to keep up to date with changes to YouTube such that when other methods for downloading videos have failed, AllMyTube has been quickly updated to enable downloads to be done again. All in all, it saved my video collection of the kids and allows me to play What Does The Fox say (and the Evolution of Dance) in HD without using up all my bandwidth. It works well and if you need to download YouTube videos to your Mac, this is probably the easiest way to do it.

All in all, if you want to download videos from various sites to your mac, AllMyTube is a good investment and well worth the $29.00 for the full version.

Additional Information (and Limited Free Trial)

Further details, free trial (and, if you really want it, a Windows Version) is available at;

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