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With the popularity of Video Blogs (and we’ve dipped our toes into such things, with more to come), and things like GoPro videos, as well as videos of popular games such as Minecraft, Elite Dangerous and other great games (those are just the ones I play), one could end up wondering how to produce these videos yourself.

We’ve reviewed a Mac Screen Capture program before – which has its limitations we discovered, and a comparison review will be written shortly, but what if you want to edit the video you’ve made?

Enter, Wondershare Filmora. It’s not particularly cheap, but it is very easy to use and packed full of features. I’m no video editor myself, but this software actually makes it relatively easy for me to produce some good quality videos. Although at this stage I have no evidence to back up this assertion, but I do intend to produce some and when I do I’ll link them.

Wondershare Filmora Main ScreenA free trial is available from Wondershare, and a link is at the bottom of this review for you to easily grab that. It’s something that really needs to be played with to get the full idea of what it can do, but so far I’ve discovered that it comes with an impressive array of background music that can be added to your video, as well as various different filters (such as sepia, black and white and other colours and effects) and overlays (such as SnapChat will put on your photos for you – but this does it with video).

Adding new video scenes is easy, and they can be spliced together or have all manner of bizarre and wonderful transitions applied between scenes. Other video tracks (such as a webcam for example or some other camera work) can be overlaid on the video with a simple drag and move capability to position where that video track should be overlaid and where it should begin.

Everything can be cut, cropped, flipped, moved or sped up individually to create the effects you need for your video and additional video overlays and effects can be downloaded from the Wondershare Effect Library. Some are free and some require payment.

And if, like me, you’re completely lost when it comes to video editing, Wondershare have an impressive page setup to provide tips and tricks for how to get the best out of your video creations at https://filmora.wondershare.com/get-creative/ – Wondershare have actually outdone themselves with the level of content available for this product and the helpful tips and tricks they give.

Wondershare Filmora ExportThe software itself is easy to use – pretty much everything is drag and drop and when you’ve finished editing your masterpiece, exporting to the format you desire is a breeze – including uploading to YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo as well as exporting in a format suitable for iOS or Android or burning it onto a DVD. You can’t automatically upload to Youtube on the trial version by the looks of it.

This software is actually way more powerful than I can fully appreciate being a complete novice at video editing, but it runs smoothly on MacBook Pro 2015 and as I get more familiar with the concepts of video editing itself, I’ll come back and update this review. But so far, I really like this product and I’m going to start playing around with some video capturing and subsequent editing.

Click for MUCH more information and to download a free trial


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